TissueGraft can optimize the decellularization process of your interest’s tissues. TissueGraft’s expertise focuses in particular on soft tissues.


TissueGraft’s biomaterials can be enriched with bioactive molecules (antibiotics, growth factors, anticoagulants, peptides, etc.), through a process named and marked as sueGraft®, allowing substrates customization, according to clients’ needs, thus adapting these matrices to specific clinical requirements.


The skills and the instrumentations of TissueGraft company are available for both research institutions and companies. TissueGraft assesses the biocompatibility, the hemocompatibility and the mechanical properties of materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

TissueGraft can evaluate materials’ citocompatibility, measuring cell viability in contact with the biomaterial; assess eventual immune and inflammatory response by performing the most advanced tests, evaluating haemocompatibility with modern instruments such as Thrombelastograph (TEG), that can measure several blood coagulation parameters; assessing materials’ mechanical properties, such as traction elastic modulus, with Instron instruments.



TissueGraft can support your start-up, small business or research laboratory, in the drafting of scientific projects, both for the research part and for the economic part.