The idea behind TissueGraft products was born in autumn 2013 by a research group of the University of Eastern Piedmont, Department of Health Sciences. The company, made up by a chemist, a biologist and two medical biotecnologists, participated at the Start Cup Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta in 2014, won the third place and was formed in November 2014 as an academic spin-off.

The products proposed by TissueGraft involve the use of biological matrices appropriately decellularized, in order to eliminate the risk of immunogenic reaction in the implant site. The TissueGraft biological matrices can be activated and subsequently enriched with bioactive substances (eg. Antibiotics, peptides, growth factors, etc.) in order to optimize their use in surgical clinical need; this technology, is unique in the world and representing a new application field.

The functionalization of the biological matrix is an highly innovative technique, which is still absent in the biomedical market, but offers significant potential for the development and production of highly innovative biological substitutes, able to drive properly tissue regeneration and better control outcomes immediately after surgery.