TissueGraft company develops innovative biological substitutes for surgical applications, with high biocompatibility, for soft tissue repair and regeneration, in particular for vascular substitution.



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TissueGraft develops biological substitutes for tissue repair. sueGraft® brand marks a peculiar enrichment technique for biological matrices. Innovative products for soft tissue repair and regeneration are studied and tested.

TissueGraft, through sueGraft® process, can develop customizable matrices for research purposes in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

The TissueGraft know-how is available for all the subjects that need expert advice in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Moreover, TissueGraft instruments are also available to perform biocompatibility tests on request.

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The TissueGraft Scientific Board is represented by independent experts of international renown in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
The Scientific Board help to reinforce TissueGraft scientific knowledge, giving autonomy in the development of the project that TissueGraft has recently begun. The undisputed scientific expertise of Board members guarantee a high reference standard in the elaboration of TissueGraft’s productive processes.

sueGraft® is a new method for enriching decellularized biological matrices. The process allows to steadily bind bioactive molecules on the treated surfaces. With the use of sueGraft process, TissueGraft biological matrices can be enriched with several bioactive molecules (e.g. peptides, growth factors, antibiotics. anticoagulants) in order to optimize the surgical use for several specific clinical need. sueGraft®  technology is unique and represents a new application for regenerative medicine. The enrichment of biological matrices is a unique technique, not yet applied in biomedical market. sueGraft process has a huge potential in terms of development and production of highly innovative biological scaffolds, able to properly guide tissue regeneration and control more effectively the outcomes of immediate post-surgery.

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Luca Fusaro

Tech, Dev. And QC Manager

Martina Ramella


Francesca Boccafoschi

Scientific Director