The main characteristics of biological patches are:
• Sterility
• Biocompatibility
• Adequate mechanical properties in different surgical areas
• Elasticity
• Possibility to functionalize the matrix for a driven biological response after the implantation.
• Optimized tissue regeneration

TissueGraft’s biomaterials can be enriched with bioactive molecules (antibiotics, growth factors, anticoagulants, peptides, etc.), through a process named and marked as sueGraft, allowing substrates customization, according to patients needs, thus adapting these matrices to specific clinical requirements.


Tissuegraft has developed a patch for hernia containing derived from decellularized bovine pericardium. The patch can be simple or chemically activated and functionalized with molecules able to drive the tissue regeneration. Briefly, the patch has the advantage of high bioactivity allowing to minimize infection risk and ensuring a perfect integration with abdominal wall tissues. This advantage enables an adequate surgical site regeneration avoiding erosion and tissue adhesion events. Thus, T-patch guarantees a better comfort for patient because of the absence of chronical pain and a faster healing and regeneration of the tissue.


The second product line is represented by biological vascular substitutes meant for creation of artificial peripheral vascular accesses or repair/ substitution of small vascular sections ( coronary bypass, vascular wall repair). Unlike synthetic substitutes, biological vascular prosthesis ensure a perfect haemocompatibility, a fast integration at the implant site, while maintaining an easy suturability and handling during surgery and long lasting. This vascular substitutes are derived from decellularized porcine blood vessels. The activation and functionalization process expected by TissueGraft innovative technique will guarantee the reinforcement of vascular matrix avoiding compliance loss of substituted vessel after the implant, besides ensuring a better resistance to infections. The possibility to functionalize this biomaterial with antibiotics, anticoagulants, growth factors etc. allow to build substrates according to  customer needs.